• Refund Policy:

    Refunds will be issued on a case by case review, we have a 7 days policy for all refund requests to be submitted. Immediate

    will be given under these circumstances:

    • The barber has been unprofessional when providing his/her service.
    • If the barber is unable to make an appointment and Kwikuts is unable to provide an alternative barber.
    • If an appointment is cancelled by the customer within 10 minutes, a full refund will be made. Any cancellations later than 10 minutes will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
  • Lateness Policy:
    • If a barber has arrived on time to his/her appointment, however is waiting longer than 10 minutes for response from the patient. The barber will hold the right to cancel their appointment and the customer will incur a 25% surcharge.
    • In the event the barber is running late due to unforeseen circumstances, someone from the customer service team will update you of their ETA.
  • My Barber was unprofessional:
    • If you find your barber has acted in an inappropriate manner or has not delivered the service as expected, you have the rights to raise a complaint with us by contacting the customer service team. Any serious allegations will result in the suspension of the barber until further notice. All complaints will follow our complaints procedure.
  • How can I pay:

    We take the following methods of payments which are all available via our app:

    • Apple pay
    • Android Pay
  • Promo Codes & Credits:

    Kwikuts will have special offers on for their valued customers, which will allow customers promotional codes to enter into the app.
    Some examples are:

    • First Time Users
    • Refer a friend
  • I have an unknown charge:

    Any unknown charges should be raised to the customer service team, we will then investigate the charges and raise any technical glitches with our IT department. Any unexpected charges will be fully refunded.

  • How long are the appointments?

    All appointments are 30 minutes in length, if additional time is required, every 10 minutes will incur a £5.00 charge

  • When and where can I request a visit?

    We currently operate in London, covering all areas within the M25. However, if you do have a visit outside of our coverage zone, we may be able to deliver a barber to you. Please call the customer service team to enquire further.

    We are open:

    • Monday- Sunday, 7 days a week
    • 8AM-9PM